Aug. 15, 2022

Your Next Career Move: A Guide for People with ADHD, with Shell Mendelson

Your Next Career Move: A Guide for People with ADHD, with Shell Mendelson
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Shell Mendelson has more than 30 years of experience in the field of Career Counseling, and has ADHD herself.

She knows it can be difficult to find a job you like, let alone a career you love.

In this interview, Shell shares ways to identify fulfilling work, why it’s important to have passion in what you do, and why she doesn’t recommend disclosing your ADHD when applying for a job.

Job Hopping and Finding Your Passion

“I learned that if I wasn't really happy in my day to day work, I wasn't gonna do that well on it” - Shell Mendelson

Shell tells us a story about when she strayed from her path and was fired from her job.

When we are dissatisfied and overwhelmed about our jobs, it leads to sadness and an extreme lack of satisfaction in life.

We find ourselves job hopping and losing confidence in our abilities.

When working with clients, Shell helps them create the equivalent of an accommodation plan, but more personal and designed for you as an individual.

Disclosing ADHD on a Job Application

When applying for a job, you wanna understand the working conditions that are needed for you need to thrive in.

There are not many companies that recognize ADHD, and you can get people questioning your performance.

If you know the kind of working conditions you thrive in, you can address that right from the outset.

Shell says you can just say, “I need to be and have these particular conditions that I thrive in. And when I am allowed to work within these conditions, you will have the very best employee you've ever seen.”

Make More Money

Knowing what you want puts you in a better position to make more money.

Our ADHD brains are interest based. If we are interested in what we're doing, if we have energy behind it, if we have a good feeling about what the growth potential in what we're doing, then we can be fulfilled and be creative in our work.

Shell teaches ADHDers to use the creativity that their brains love to use in order to learn, grow, and maybe make a shift now-and-then when the timing is right.

Stay ahead of the burnout we all feel so you can make some shifts in your career and keep it sustainable.

Considering the Cost of College

Shell tells the story of an 80 year old person who is still paying off their student loan debt.
People often don't look at what the starting wage is after they leave college.

Before making the decision on a certain college major, look at how much a certain career field is paying. Knowing this can help you make a better decision before spending thousands of dollars, or paying interest on student loan debt longer than you actually work in that career field.

About Shell Mendelson:

Shell offers more than 30 years of experience and education in the field of career counseling and coaching.and coaching. Shell helps others FOCUS on defining, illuminating, creating and transforming lack of clarity to a well-defined career direction and abundant livelihood.

Following her own diagnosis of ADHD later in life, Shell understands profoundly how ADHD can impact one’s work experience and keep many of us from choosing the best ADHD-friendly career path and taking next steps to a fulfilling, sustainable and profitable work life.


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