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Talked with this guy during a consultation. Really down to Earth, funny, and super helpful! I love the podcast, and it encourages me to keep making strides in my financial journey as someone who manages their ADHD on a daily basis.

Really Great Podcast Framing Finance for ADHDers

I’m learning a lot from this podcast about why I might be making the financial decisions that I’ve been making. The episodes provide good strategies for saving, budgeting, and investing without getting bored by the routine. Some real estate investing advice for ADHD brains would be great too!

awesome show

I have been listening since the beginning, and I'm so sorry it has taken so long to leave a review! Really great content - I love that there is an adhd specific section at the beginning and then a listening question at the end of each ep, makes it feel really holistic and grounded in real life. I hope this podcast goes on for many, many years to come.

Love it!

Just started listening to this podcast and I’ve been really enjoying it so far. I look forward to see what kind of episodes are going to be coming up next and I’m excited to check out the archive of episodes I’ve missed :)

I listen every Monday

This is a great podcast that I would strongly recommend to everyone, even to people without ADHD. Dave simplifies the various stages of debt and money. He really makes the show personal with his own stories of success and shortcomings. He recaps the previous episodes and talking points as a great reminder and gives you something further to think about in the most current episode. And for me personally, it made me think about the troubles people with ADHD face and some of the stigmas I unconsciously had. Keep it going Dave!

Brings a different side to investing and saving

Knowledgeable not only about money but ADHD as well. Humanizes adhd and the every day struggles that come along with!

So welcome to help.

I love all of the podcasts in the workbook it's someone speaking my language finally

Great podcast

Insight and knowledgeable, very enjoyable to listen to as well. Highly recommend listening, you won’t regret it!

Just what I needed

This podcast is just what I needed. Dave totally understands the ADHD brain. Money is hard and confuding but he finds a way to make it interesting and he can be quite funny!

Wow soooo needed

It’s amazing to listen to a financial podcast from someone who actually “get’s it” you know? David speaks with knowledge, empathy, and humor; a rare combination indeed. I recommend listening wholeheartedly!

Where have you been? I feel so seen

I’ve always had a dysfunctional relationship to money even though I felt like I was doing everything responsibly. I would always ask myself HOW AM I THIS BROKE AND I DONT LIVE LAVISHLY!? It never made sense. This podcast is helping me understand what my blind spots are—things that other financial advisors have never talked about because ADHD really does affect so many aspects of my life. That one piece about all the hobbies—jumping from one to the other. Like wow! I have a bin full of boxing gloves, baseball gloves, swim caps and goggles, resistance bands buuut I haven’t touched them in about a year. The struggle is real. Thanks for seeing me.

Loving it so far.

I am so glad I happened upon this podcast. The length is perfect to hold my attention, and I completely relate to the money issues that come with ADHD.

Exactly what I needed!

When I saw there was a podcast for ADHDers that was specifically focusing on money, I was so excited. Listening to the first 2 podcasts has been exactly what I needed! David has such an open, honest and personable approach that makes all this money stuff feel tangible and doable for me. Looking forward to learning more every week!

Very relatable and practical ideas!

I am really enjoying this podcast! Dave is very relatable. I like that the episodes are not too long and he has a faster pace which helps hold my attention. I’m looking forward to what is ahead!

Really enjoying this podcast so far!

So far I am enjoying this podcast a lot. Dave is very relatable. It feels like talking with a friend! I like how the episodes so far are short so it holds my attention!

Can’t wait to hear more!

Super excited to hear what advice he has. Felt like he was super relatable and made me excited to learn about finances/positive ways to handle my money.

A unique, personable podcast on ADHD and money!

I really enjoyed listening to this podcast! It is on my list of other ADHD related podcasts!

Excited to take this journey!

I am excited to learn more about how our brains work and how to Make money work better!! This podcast arrived at the perfect time!!

Really insightful and engaging

Wonderful podcast. Host is engaging, honest and funny (not sure if he knows it) highly recommend! Especially if you have experienced a hard time paying attention or staying focused.