ADHD Money Talk

ADHD Money Talk

Welcome to ADHD money talk! The show helps dynamic but distracted ADHD brains take control over their money in order to stress less, live a more enriching life, and open up new possibilities. I am your humble and very ADHD host, Dave DeWitt.

How much is your ADHD costing you?

Recent Episodes

Listener Questions: Am I Being Overly Money Vigilant to a fault?

March 22, 2023

Listener Rebecca has transformed from being an impulsive spender to now hyper-fixating on saving and investing. In today's episode, we discuss the potential struggles with money vigilance and how being close to the financial…

You Are What You Eat

March 8, 2023

Money does not have to lead us to this life of dependence and scarcity. We were just taught wrong. We weren't taught how money really works. No class in high school shows us how to become wealthy and financially free. Listen…

When There is No Money Left After Paying The Bills

Feb. 22, 2023

A listener asked me this question, "What does one do if, after adding up fixed expenses, there is no money leftover and nothing to cut back on?" Listen in as we assess the situation and I help address: Viewing Wants as Needs…