Feb. 7, 2022

Credit Cards and ADHD go Together Like Forks and Power Outlets

Credit Cards and ADHD go Together Like Forks and Power Outlets
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Today on the show, we are talking about credit cards and getting out of debt! Credit cards and ADHD should generally not be combined. I'll talk about how debt is terrible for our mental and physical health. I'll ultimately explain two strategies to get out of debt: the snowball and avalanche method. I'll start the show by talking about something that has been on my mind regarding ADHD and stigma. And today, I am answering two listener questions!

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Outline of the show
ADHD and stigma [2:50]
Debt is bad for our health [6:15]
Credit cards are tempting [8:15]
Debt and the Bible [11:15]
Credit card debt vs. installment loans [11:45]
Minimum payments are evil [13:00]
Tips to stop using your credit cards [15:20]
Getting to the bottom of why we are in debt [18:40]
The Snowball method [19.30]
The Avalanche method [25:20]
Listener questions [27:15]

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