May 30, 2022

10 Quick Summer Money Tips

10 Quick Summer Money Tips

After working hard to budget and save money the majority of the year, summer is a reward we give ourselves. 

Summer represents fun in the sun and vacations, spending that hard-earned money. 

Having ADHD can make it harder to resist some of those temptations. However, here are ten fun and easy ways to enjoy your summer.

1. Set a summer budget
Think about all the things you are doing this summer, then plan out your budget in all categories for each month to make room for those expenses.

2. Use cash
Now is a great time to switch to a cash-based budget for the summer. Put those credit cards away and use a debit card. Some banks offer a rewards cashback debit card, so check your local bank.

3. Journal
Keep a spending journal visible in your home, like on your counter. Physically writing down what you buy and how much you spend will keep you aware of your purchases and lead toward more intentional spending.

4. Cancel expenses you don't need
Cancel subscriptions or streaming services indefinitely or temporarily, and return to them when summer is over.

5. Use your Flexible Spending Account
If you have one at work for qualified expenses, remember to use it and not risk losing any balance you've accrued.

6. Turn off/down the air conditioning when leaving the house
If you have animals, adjust the temperature to a comfortable setting while away, then you can adjust it to your comfort when you return home. Using a smart thermostat can help facilitate this to help you manage your energy usage.

7. Find free, fun things to do
Save money in your entertainment category by looking for free events in your area, whether it be free days at a museum, free concerts, festivals, or nearby parks.

8. Pack your lunch
You will save a lot of money with this one small change, and you won't feel as guilty when you spend money going out with friends or family for meals.

9. Find a flexible side hustle
Earn extra cash by walking dogs, driving for Uber, mowing lawns, or babysitting. You will enjoy doing something to help fund the rest of the fun for the summer.

10. Take your vacation at the end of summer
Peak season is the most expensive time to travel. In mid to late August, prices are much lower when travel demand declines due to students returning to school in the fall.

I hope these suggestions allow you to enjoy your summer vacations without the guilt of spending money.

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Helping ADHD'ers unleash their financial potential through planning and coaching. to book free discovery session

Helping ADHD'ers unleash their financial potential through planning and coaching. to book free discovery session