Dec. 26, 2022

Happiness Vs. Joy

Happiness Vs. Joy
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The term happiness comes from the Old Norse term “happ,” meaning “luck” or “chance.” In the context of the Declaration of Independence, happiness was about an individual’s contribution to society rather than pursuits of self-gratification.

Joy is a quality of the Soul. It is magnificent, divine, confirming, and otherworldly. Joy lives naturally and eternally within us all.

Where is Your Focus?

Money alone isn’t enough to make you happy. However, helping others can give you long-lasting joy and the feeling of true wealth. One mistake people make is to focus on making money instead of improving the quality of life for themselves and the people they care about.

Here are a few ‘life checks’ you can use to see if there are opportunities you could alter your focus next year:

1. Are you prioritizing the relationships with your family first? If not, what can you do to strengthen those bonds?
2. Are you in the right job, and is it allowing you to create future financial security?
3. In challenging times, do you invite negativity in or choose to focus on the positive?
4. Instead of buying that ‘thing’ you think will bring you joy, would you achieve even greater joy by giving that money to someone else in greater need?

Happiness and joy don’t have to be fleeting. Whether they come to us by luck or chance, we can choose to change our lives for the better, even when we feel out of control with our spending, emotions, or a lack of purpose in our lives.

I hope you all take your money life seriously in 2023. Take a few moments to sit down, review your budget, values, and spending, and make plans you can stick to find that purpose, inner peace, and joy.

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Helping ADHD'ers unleash their financial potential through planning and coaching. to book free discovery session

Helping ADHD'ers unleash their financial potential through planning and coaching. to book free discovery session