Jan. 17, 2022

How to Budget when you Have ADHD

How to Budget when you Have ADHD
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Are you excited to start your budget? I know I am! Budgeting with ADHD is a must if you want to change your relationship with money for good.
When I started budgeting in a way that stuck, my entire financial life began to transform. I had finally figured out a way to become mindful of my spending in a way that was sticking. I'll teach you exactly what to do in this episode. Before that, though, I talk about revenge bedtime procrastination.

Outline of the show
Money is self-care [00:18]
Housekeeping for the show [1:00]
Revenge bedtime procrastination [2:40]
ADHD Budgeting! [6:42]
Listener question [21:51]

As mentioned in the show
Revenge bedtime procrastination - Additude Magazine
Honeydue budgeting app

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