Jan. 31, 2022

Let's Talk ADHD Money Mindset

Let's Talk ADHD Money Mindset

Today on the show we are taking a pause and talking about mindset. Next week we will get back into it with strategies for paying off debt! One of the most common questions and comments I have been receiving is on mindset. How do we actually change our mindset? I will lend some perspective today.

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Outline of the show
I can't remember movies [00:23]
Mindsets I've been hearing [1:18]
It is not that easy [3:15]
How ADHDers struggle with money [5:30]
Financial cheating [6:45]
Executive function & money [7:35]
What is your relationship with money like? [9:00]
Money & childhood [10:40]
Reframe your relationship with money [13:12]
ADHD and self-confidence [ 13:25]
You deserve the peace of mind and control money can bring you [15:15]
The most reliable predictor of happiness [16:00]
How money gives you control [16:50]
Listener question [18:30]
Changing a poverty mindset [19:35]

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