Feb. 21, 2022

Hyperfixations & Budgets & Taxes, oh my!

Hyperfixations & Budgets & Taxes, oh my!
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The main thrust of today's show is to tell you about the 50/30/20 budgeting rule. It is a rule that can help you diagnose where your most significant budgeting issues lie. That leads me to a conversation about one of the most critical issues ADHDers have with sticking to budgets: hyperfixations. Hyperfixations can be very expensive. I talk about how two of my hyperfixations cost me a lot of money. They aren't inherently a bad thing. The problem is when it causes you to spend money you do not have!

I start the show off with a discussion on taxes with simple tips to prepare. I end the show with two listener questions. One is on what to do with a tax refund, and the other is on cryptocurrency!

Outline of the show
My ADHD financial planning service [00:18]
Update on my life [00:57]
Taxes [3:30]
A story on wealth building [7:25]
The 50/30/20 rule [11:05]
A tangent on my homebuying experience [16:52]
Hyperfixations [20:44]
Fending off hyperfixation spending [24:48]
Listener question on tax refund [25:38]
Listener question on cryptocurrency [28:40]

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