Feb. 14, 2022

Ideas to Make More Money! & ADHDers are Creative...and Dramatic?

Ideas to Make More Money! & ADHDers are Creative...and Dramatic?
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Today on the show, we are talking about making more money! Now, this is not just to have more money. It is really because you've realized how important financial security and peace of mind are to you, and you have decided that one of the ways you can improve your life and the life of your family is by having more income. So we get into various ways to potentially make some more money on the side without much investment!

I also talk about ADHD and creativity. Specifically, a study from 2018 suggests ADHDers are more creative than our neurotypical peers. I also talk about ADHD and drama. I read an article that really hit home for me about why we can self-sabotage by inviting drama into our lives unwittingly.

Outline of the show
ADHD and creativity [3:00]
ADHD and drama [4:40]
Making more money [9:38]
Start your own business on the side! [10:15]
All of the other ways to make more money [15:05]
Listener question on credit card selection for a beginner [20:02]

Articles Discussed in the show.
Why We Crave the Drama That Sabotages Relationships
New evidence that the “chaotic mind” of ADHD brings creative advantages

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