Jan. 24, 2022

Why ADHDers Should have a Life Happens (Emergency) Fund

Why ADHDers Should have a Life Happens (Emergency) Fund

Today during the non-financial topic, I talk about ADHD and time management. I then share how I use my external hard drive (AKA, my planner). We then get into the financial topic, the next step in our financial journey. Once you have your plan and budget, you need to make sure you're allocating your savings efficiently. If you don't have a life happens (emergency) fund yet, that is where you may want to start. We wrap the show up with a listener question about impulsive shopping and finding a healthy middle ground.

Outline of the show
FORO (Fear of running out) [1:50]
ADHD & time management [2:40]
How I use my planner [6:50]
Life happens (emergency) fund [11:22]
How I use my Honeydue account to stay motivated! [19:35]
Listener question [21:10]

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